When a business is initially started, it’s often “all hands on deck” for every employee, with many taking on a variety of different roles. Outsourcing is a goal, of course, but it’s a goal that many businesses take some time to reach.

However, certain types of outsourcing should be prioritized. Cyber security consulting should be among them for a number of different reasons.

For one thing, it’s much more convenient to work with outsourced cyber security solutions than to hire a singular IT employee to handle your cyber security. This can be financially wasteful, as you likely will not need someone on-hand at all times to take care of your cyber security needs. For another, if you hire one person to either handle your cyber security individually or to balance cyber security with another role, you may not be getting the full expertise that is required in order to keep your business safe.

But making the leap to working with cyber security consulting services can be somewhat intimidating, and understandably so. That’s why we’re laying out some of the signs that you should consider working with cyber security professionals.

1. You’re Storing Most of Your Data in the Cloud

The cloud offers a lot of different advantages to businesses, so it’s no wonder that it was estimated that roughly 83% of a business’s workload would be stored in the cloud by 2020. The cloud essentially offers one communal space that is simple enough for employees to access, through which they can store data without taking up space on their individual work computers. The cloud creates a one-stop-shop where there was once a need to separate different pieces of information or documents in different locations. But the fact is that many of us use the cloud incorrectly, and inadvertently expose our businesses to security risks. A cyber security consulting firm can ensure that the cloud is as secure as possible for your business, and furthermore, a cyber security professional can offer you alternate means of storage as a backup to the cloud.

2. You Need Better Access Management

The ability to hire new employees is often a sign that a business is expanding, so it should be viewed positively. But as employees come and go, there are of course security risks within the business. Disgruntled employees that have been let go are particularly high security risks, as they can potentially collect and steal data. A cyber security consulting firm can educate businesses as to how to keep data accessible to employees, while minimizing its risk of being stolen. Cyber security consulting professionals can also ensure that there is a proper protocol in place to minimize the risk of security breaches.

3. Transactions Are Carried Out Online

Whether the business is purchasing or selling items online, or perhaps both, there is a risk involved whenever financial information is stored or used by a business. Financial information is the type of information that becomes greatly at risk when a cyber attack occurs, or for that matter when data is damaged or lost. There is always a risk, when data is stored on the cloud or other platforms, of it being lost in some way. This is why IT disaster recovery services are so crucial to the functionality of businesses today. But financial information must be kept as safe as possible, which is why, if a business begins storing its own financial information or that of clients, it must be kept secure.

4. Your Business Must Comply With Safety Standards

In order to bid for different contracts, businesses are often required by other companies or firms to comply with certain cyber security standards. This often requires working with a cyber security consulting firm. Essentially, investing in cyber security makes money for the business itself.

While it may be tempting to simply train an employee to work within cyber security, your business will likely need the expertise of more than one person in the future, and furthermore you need to know that you’re getting the right advice. Be careful as you choose a cyber security consulting firm, but don’t hesitate to act.