Our world is constantly looking for technological innovations designed to streamline business practices and offer better customer service. One of the top ways we’ve managed to achieve these goals is by investing in innovative telephone and data solutions. Through the use of a cloud based business phone system, businesses in Manhattan have achieved a number of benefits, both for their business operation and their customers.

But what kind of benefits can I achieve by switching to a hosted telephony system? Here are some of the best benefits associated with making the switch.

Easy maintenance

Utilizing a hosted phone service for your business enables you to outsource repairs and upkeep for your entire phone system. Because you’re relying on a third party to host your phones, your vendor will invest in the necessary costs of maintenance and repair. This includes essential updates, emergency fixes, and more.

When you have professionals looking after the speed and efficiency of your phone service, you never need to worry about wasting the valuable time of your employees. If you notice something is off in your cloud based business phone system, most hosts offer a management portal where you can talk to your service provider and add lines and features on your own.

Business mobility and scalability

Hosted VoIP services allow businesses to connect with their customers from any location across the globe. This is incredibly beneficial for companies who necessitate travel. However, a cloud based business phone system is a great option for expanding companies or those moving from one location to another. In fact, new businesses that opt for a hosted VoIP can cut initial startup costs by nearly 90%. Because mobile apps are most commonly used on these systems, you can connect with customers as long as you have an internet connection.

But even if you aren’t moving from place to place, mobility is still a key feature in any business setting. Many professionals are navigating important meetings, but don’t have the luxury of missing an important phone call. Cloud based systems enable an employee to set up their phone system with their mobile and desk phones for efficient customer service.


A cloud based business phone system will ensure that hacking efforts and the potential for fraud is a thing of the past. By utilizing encryption codes, virtual private networks, traffic scanning, and more, your business is able to ascertain the sensitive information exchanged between you and your customers is secured.

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